What locations will be available?  Just Florida or throughout the US?

For the immediate launch of the program, we will be in the Tampa Bay region. This pilot program will launch for 6-9 months. During that time we will perfect the system and start preparing other regions to launch in as well. 

Are the A Class vehicles coming from a national distributor and will it be all brands of A Class?

For the launch we are using Class A Motorhomes that meet our standards of quality of all brands… For example, our first Class A Motorhome is a 2020 Thor Challenger in pristine condition, with 3600 miles on it. Down the road, we may partner with a brand and use one specific model, but for now, we are using a variety of brands with the same quality standards across the board. 

Are Memberships geared towards families or couples as Class A vehicles  are large and couples may not need that size?

Couples or Families can use them… the program is geared toward anyone who wants to use an RV for their lifestyle. However, for smaller families or couples, we will be offering smaller Class B and Class C Memberships to suit their needs at a lower Membership cost than the Class A.

Do you offer a delivery and return service/fee of the motorhomes to desired locations?

If a Member wants us to deliver, hookup and return the RV to a location of their choosing, we will offer that service to them. The price will be based on distance, gas, labor, time consumed, etc.

Is there a pet policy?

Pets are allowed, however a pet cleaning fee of $50 per pet will be added to the rental of 4 days, and $75 per pet for trips longer than 4 days. If damage is caused by the pet, the Member will be responsible to repair the RV damage.

Are members required to purchase additional trip/travel insurance?

The RV is insured by RVIP || LIFE. However, any driver of the RV is required to carry their own auto insurance policy as well and a provide a certificate of insurance.

There is a 4 day minimum booking on the RV, but can I use an RV for longer than 4 days?

Yes, as a Member, you are able to book one, four day block per month on the website. If you want to book longer than 4 days, first you will need to have enough days in your bank, and the reservation will need to be made with your Member Director directly so we can arrange other RV’s in the fleet for other Members.

What is the longest trip we can us the RV on?

Currently, we are allowing a max of 14 days per booking. You will need to have enough days in your bank, and this reservation will need made with your Member Director directly, not on the website. 

Can members roll over/bank unused days?

Yes, all days are banked and roll over… however any unused days after 12 months are lost. For example, if you want to go on an 8 day trip in your second month of membership, you would need to bank your first month’s 4 days so you have 8 in the second month.  

What are the cleaning fee rates and what do they include?

4 day bookings are $100, 5-10 day bookings are $200 and 10+ day bookings are $250. The cleaning includes a complete CDC compliant sanitization of the RV inside and out, includes the RV getting washed, and includes the grey water tanks and facilities flushed out and deep cleaned. We want every Member to take out a fresh, sanitized and clean RV.