RV Rental websites rent you someone else’s RV, and charge $250-$400 per night for Class A Motorhomes and $100-$250 per night for Class B and C travel trailers and motorhomes.

For the price of one night’s rental on these sites, you can be a Member in our club and have access to an RV in our fleet for 21 to 42 nights per year depending on your Member level.

As a Member, you will be assigned to an RV Class and a number of days per year of your choosing that best suits your needs. This Membership is truly hassle free, you simply show up to the pickup location, load the RV, take off on your trip and drop it off when you’re done.

RV’s are reserved in 4 day minimum blocks on our Member Reservation Center, and you have 21-42 days (depending on your plan) in total you can use the RV throughout the year.

Are you a weekend warrior? Take out the RV for 4 days per month, every month, all year long… Do you want to mix it up? Then grab your family and embark on that 21-day road trip, along with several weekends per year locally and regionally. All of these options are available and the cost is a fraction of RV ownership or RV rental rates…